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Nantong Dialect Phonological Inventory


Alveolar-palatal fricative: ɕ ʑ

(single consonant syllable [ʑ̩](cloth) and [m̩] maid)

Affricates: t͡s  t͡sʰ t͡ɕ t͡ɕʰ



r-colored  ɜ:  [ɜ˞] (son, child)

tongue position for [ø] in Nantong Dialect is slightly higher than that of the standard [ø], but lower than that of [y]

raising [ɛ] slightly, making it sound close to [æ]

lowering and fronting [ʌ] slightly, making it almost a central vowel [ɜ]

Vowel clusters:

[iɑ] [uɑ] [yɑ]

[uo] [yo]


[ie] [ue] [ye]

[yɛ] [uɛ] [iɛ]


Dark level阴平21          Light level 阳平35


light departing阳去213  Dark departing阴去42

light entering阳入55ʔ  dark entering阴入42ʔ

Syllable structure:

onset           nucleus       coda



c                  v

c                  vv

c                   v                 c

c                   vv                c

v                  c

vv                c


Bao, Mingwei & Wang Jun(2002). Nantong Diqu Fangyan Yanjiu [A Study on the Dialects in

Nantong Area]. Jiangsu Jiaoyu Press

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