Today, I presented my project on Mandarin stress patterns. I received much encouragement from people attending the conference, made some friends as well.

Among the things I learned during the past 2 days, I would like to single out 2 things that I found most interesting.

1. Smoothing Spline ANOVAs (SS ANOVA). I noticed that several presenters from New York University are utilizing SS ANOVA in their research. One presenter used SS ANOVA to analyze tongue movements, which is kind of similar to Lisa Davison (2006). A poster on glide (j)-vowel (i) distinctions also used SS ANOVA to show F2 contour variations over time.

Davidson, Lisa. 2006. Comparing tongue shapes from ultrasound imaging using smoothing spline analysis of variance. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 120:407–415

2. tones and phonations. Several presentations focused on this topic. I have to say that, as a tonal language speaker, I don’t really know much about this. The presentations are thought-provoking. I particularly like the following study

Bing’er Jiang (McGill University), Jianjing Kuang (University of Pennsylvania): Consonant effects on tonal registers in Jiashan Wu.

Also, there’s a Youtube channel called The Ling Space .  I’d never heard about them before today. I just checked several videos. I think they are quite informative to both professionals and lay people.