There are many great praat scripts out there (here’s my collection).

Mietta’s Praat scripts ( ), for example, are particularly useful for doing various things with praat.

However, one problem I’m constantly facing is that Mietta’s scripts usually work with 1 sound file at a time. I have to import sound files one by one, and then run the scripts. For example, if you want to cut a long sound file into several pieces, you have to import the sound file and the corresponding textgrid file to praat, and then run the script. Only after that, you can start cutting a second sound file. It was fine when there are only a couple of sound files. But now I am working on hundreds of files (827 to be precise). That means, I have to import sound files 827 times, and run the script 827 times. It is time-consuming.

I therefore added some codes to Mietta’s save_intervals_to_wav_sound_files.praat, so that the script will automatically look for all the sound files and their corresponding textgrids in one folder, and cut them.

Here’s the original script:

Here’s the edited one: